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5th network meeting

5th network meeting

On 14.06.2023 the 5th network meeting of the Smart Production Lab took place. The cooperation partners of the Lab come together to discuss current topics with the team of the Institute of Industrial Management. At the beginning, the progress in the lab and current projects were presented to the cooperation partners. Dr. Vitaliy Mezhuyev presented an approach for effective development of probabilistic hybrid semi-parametric models for model-based condition monitoring and acceleration of material development, which was elaborated within the Hybrid 20 Comet project. Philipp Buchner, BSc gave the partners an understanding of the use of predictive analytics to increase efficiency in various areas using a microfactory. DI Raphael Hartner, MSc presented his project on data-based expert systems for higher process efficiency in PVC pipe production, which he is doing as part of his doctoral thesis with Pipelife and TU Wien. DI Katharina Lackner and DI (FH) Helmut Ropin explained to the participants how waste management and treatment can be digitalized within the framework of the FFG project ReWaste F. DI Josua Steger concluded with an introduction to Immersive Co-Creation (ICON) by FFG, which is about collaboration in a virtual space.
In the second block, the pain points of the participants were clustered in a moderated discussion and the trends identified from this were cited. During the subsequent cozy get-together, further opinions on the topics were exchanged and the discussions were deepened.
Thanks to those cooperation partners who took the time to discuss the joint cooperation, and maybe it will work out for the others next time.

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