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The Smart Production Lab is divided into six areas, creating a suitable environment for the purposes of the teaching and research factory. At the entrance is the Learning Space with the Auditorium, where students as well as cooperation partners and interested companies are provided with basic information on the topic of digitization.
Adjacent and central to the lab is the Maker Space, which is used specifically for the FabLab and includes the horizontally integrated machinery (3D printing, CNC, robotics, laser cutter...). Use cases for planning (MES, ERP), real-time reporting and other vertical integration applications are developed and configured on the computer workstations distributed throughout the lab. Programs for designing ideas for manufacturing in the FabLab are also available on the workstations.


But before construction, the idea has to be found, which is easy to do in the NextGen Lab in the Idea Space. Ideas can be collected on the glass walls or whiteboards and a rough concept can be designed.

The material for producing the idea as well as utensils for imparting knowledge in the lab are safely and neatly stored in the Storage Space warehouse until they are needed.

In order to make the entire digitization process secure and, in particular, the IT components required for it, the IT Security Lab located in the Secure Space is working on ways to achieve precisely this goal.

And after work and during breaks in the transfer of knowledge, a few stools and a small kitchen with a coffee machine are available in the Relax Space for comfortable discussions and networking.

Would you like to take a tour through our lab? Then you can take a virtual tour of the individual spaces right here.

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