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Smart Factory with People

The fourth industrial revolution is still in full swing, but there is already talk of Industry 5.0. However, this is now an evolutionary step, where it is a matter of supporting people by means of the technologies of Industry 4.0. The focus is no longer on digitizing existing processes, but on making digitization useful for people in their daily work. It is important to clarify what information an employee needs, when and in what form. Furthermore, it must be clarified how people's workplaces will change as a result of the supported technologies.
In addition to people, Industry 5.0 also focuses on the sustainable use of technologies and the resources required for this. The networks established by means of Industry 4.0 must be designed to be flexible and adaptable in order to be resistant to external influencing factors. The importance of these two topics has become enormously noticeable, especially in recent years.

Use Case

Smart Workplaces - Digital Workplace of the Future

  • Shortage of skilled workers on the store floor
  • Insufficient digital support for workers
  • Long information acquisition time on the store floor
  • Targeted empowerment
  • Transparency about the need for action on the store floor
  • Clear roadmap for designing the smart workplace
  • Scientifically supervised procedure
  • Workplace presented before and after the innovation
  • Tool chain is developed with Digital Readiness Level, Change Management Check, Process Check and Expert System
  • Expert system based on knowledge of employees, realized as set of decision trees, implemented as semantic wiki
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