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Support through technology

Creating a virtual environment or extending the real world with virtual objects creates great added value in today's everyday industrial life. Creation of quick wins for manufacturing companies through the use of extended reality: shortening of travel times, avoidance of waiting times, facilitation of monotonous work, on-demand training and simulation, etc.
But not only information can be supportive at work. In order to optimize movements of employees on the shop floor and make them easier for them, motion capturing is used to record entire workflows. The data obtained can be analyzed and the workplace can be designed more ergonomically. However, if the strain on the employee is still unacceptable, exoskeletons can be used. These reinforce the force applied by the employee and contribute to less wear and tear on human joints.

Use cases

Extended Reality in an industrial context

  • Long information retrieval times
  • Restrictions in maintenance operations due to long waiting times and/or travel restrictions
  • Skills shortage
  • Conservation of resources (money, time ...)
  • Inclusion of new employee groups
  • Increasing the job satisfaction of employees
  • MR-supported training on the Microsoft Hololens 2; programming using vuforia Studio.
  • Remote support on the realwear hmt-1 or navigator 500

Remote Expert with AR support

  • Expensive machine breakdowns
  • Long journey of the specialists and maintenance experts
  • Training participants often scattered around the world
  • Enables virtual connection to subject matter experts
  • Live video, file sharing & AR annotations
  • Training & support solutions via remote assistance
  • Implementation of Webex Expert on Demand on the AR glasses (Realwear Navigator 500)
  • Remote Expert Call
  • Launch training & support solutions via AR-based remote assistance.

Exoskeletons: Aids of the future for manual activities

  • Physically heavy loads
  • One-sided strain on the body
  • Repetitive movements
  • Reduces wear and tear
  • Contributes to balanced movements
  • Strengthens health
  • Facilitate physical work by searching for use cases
  • Testing for stressful work by untrained persons
  • Design practical use cases

Avatars - Motion Capturing: Tools of the Future?

  • Staff shortage
  • Home office trend
  • Securing work activities
  • Archiving of motion sequences
  • New learning environment
  • Increase workplace attractiveness
  • Exploring human movement in the workplace
  • Testing of useful industrial applications
  • Making manual tasks more attractive
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